(ST.JOSEPH, Mo) District Officials also presenting information on placing vape detectors in school building during tonight’s Board of Education meeting.

Vaping is a concern for School District Officials. They say that these devices will monitor for vape smoke and will send notifications to school officials. 

The monitors are not recording devices, but they detect sound frequency, making it possible for school staff to know when vaping, fights, and even increase in heat, all occur.

“Vaping’s been an issue for a while in our secondary schools. But what they (detectors) do is not only do they detect vape, they detect aggression, changes in noise, vandalism, so they detect noise, things like that, they can be set to monitor temperature and humidity,” said SJSD Student Services Robert Sigrist.

The plan is for Benton and Lafeyette High Schools to have 28 monitors each, Webster Learning Center 5 total, and Central High School will have 56 monitors.


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