Cream Cookies by Bearded Freaks

The Vaping Hamster 🐹 has become synonymous with high quality Ejuice, and first class customer service, so you can imagine my excitement when Dan from The Vaping Hamster reached out to me over Twitter, regard the launch of their brand new range of high quality Shortfill eliquids.  Beard Freaks, manufactured by Vaping Hamster, inside the Notorious ‘Riot Lads’. giving you 20 the finishes flavours to choose from, fruits, Menthol’s, desserts and even a coffee flavour. So something for everyone.

The Vaping Hamster 🐹 Simply Crazy About Vaping!

Established in 2019 and base in Rowley Regis, In the heart of the West Midlands, in the UK they are a team of enthusiastic vapers with big ideas. After being introduced to vaping a few years ago they have set out to create a business within the industry that they love 💕.

Their goal is to provide their customers with products that deliver the best possible vaping experience.

They only stock 100% authentic products, no clones or cheap rip-offs. They are the one stop shop for all things vape.

About Bearded Freaks

Bearded Freaks aim to provide you with the freshest and most flavoursome e-liquids possible. With Bearded Freaks you will get nothing but the highest quality juices, and with a range of 20 flavours there sure is something for every vaper! 

Bearded Freaks Cream Cookies 🍪 is described on the Vaping Hamster as follows.

Cream Cookies is a combination of delicious cookies dipped in freshly mixed cream, A flavour that must be tried today!

The BF Cream Cookies 🍪 Vaping Experience.

If you have ever wondered how to make Cookies even better, then dip them in thick double whipped cream. Snack Perfection. Then try a convert that perfection into an ejuice, and that’s were it becomes tricky. But I’m glad to say that the Mix-masters at the Vaping Hamster seem to have cracked it.

The inhale delivers a sweet blend of moorish cookie batter, that just melts in your month as the sugar dusted vapor passes in your your expecting tongue.

The sugar sweetened vapor, seems to grow in sweetness as it reaches the back of the tongue, where it concludes with a super satisfying sweet throat hit.

As you exhale, the creaminess, from the double layered Whipped cream begins to come to the forefront, seemingly soaking up the sugary sweetness from the layer of crumbling 🍪 cookie. Seemlessly infusing, gliding out over your tongue, leaving a sweet buttery trail in its wake.

Final thoughts……

Really enjoyed vaping Cream Cookies 🍪, and the 50ml Shortfill bottle seemed to go down quite quick.  I absolutely love the virtual sugar hit that you get when taking in a lung full. Perfect for all those sweet toothed vapors.

MVR Score

Flavour : 8/10

Throat Hit : 8/10

Vapor Production : 9/10

Overall : 8/10

You can pick up a bottle over at


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