TLDR: Has anyone else ever moved from Ivation system nutrients to General Hydroponics? What are the ratios?

Longer version:

I started doing hydroponics last year, starting with some simple mason jars and some kale. I enjoyed it so much, I bought an Ivation system from the ‘zon, which came with a light and its own nutrients.

I’ve enjoyed experimenting between the Ivation nutes and the General Hydroponics nutes, seeing which plants prefer which, etc. (Kale doesn’t care. Neither does the parsley. The romaine lettuce prefers the Ivation, while the red leaf lettuce prefers the GH.)

However, I’m going to be running out of the Ivation nutes soon. As the company doesn’t sell them separately, I’m going to have to switch that system over to GH. I have a lot of plants growing in there that I’d like to see continue to thrive. I figure abruptly changing their nutrients is a sure-fire way to kill them.

Has anyone here figured out those ratios? I know I can do it. I’m just lazy, and would rather crib off someone else’s homework. Or does someone else have better Google-fu than me, and can point me to a place where someone’s already done it?


This is an old picture of my hydro setup. It’s grown.


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