COLUMBIA – Stress during the pandemic has helped cause an increase in Cannabidiols (CBD) sales. 

CBD smells like cannabis but is an essential component of medical marijuana that comes from a hemp plant. It can provide relief from physical and mental health disorders, like anxiety, without feeling high.

Kevin Halderman owns Hemp Hemp Hooray in downtown Columbia and said even though his storefront was forced to close, he didn’t lose any sales.

“We haven’t seen a huge drawback except for those actual months that we were closed just for the foot traffic here, but the mail ordering did help us tremendously,” Halderman said.

Halderman said sales in Columbia have increased 25 percent since opening last year, and his Osage Beach location didn’t shut down at all during the pandemic.

Industry research group Brightfield Group said CBD sales are projected to grow 14 percent nationally this year, compared to 2019. This could be related stress from COVID-19, giving more reason for some to shop.

“We’re centrally located between all the colleges right here, so we have a lot of younger customers, and they really lean towards the edible market,” Halderman said. “But at our other location, it’s primarily an older community down the Lake of the Ozarks.” 

Halderman said even though CBD is legal in all 50 states, he isn’t eligible for much government financial support. He doesn’t see his sales slowing down for the time being, though.


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