Zambia anti-drug agency seizes 48.61 tons of cannabis –

Close up of a cannabis plant Close up of a cannabis plant. (Getty Images) Zambia’s anti-drug agency on Friday said it seized 48.61 tons of cannabis in the third quarter of 2020. Theresa Katongo, Public Relations Officer at the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), said the seized cannabis plants, herbs and seeds represents a 586.40 percentage increase from 8.29 tons seized in the second quarter of the year. She further said the agency seized 15.06 grams of heroin and 586 grams of cocaine during the same period. About 300 people were convicted for various drug-related offences during the period. Among those […]


What is the Potential of Africa in the Global Cannabis Industry?

The global cannabis industry has an emerging new player, who could contribute significantly to revenues should they legalize cannabis as a whole: Africa. According to a 2019 report, the continent’s legal cannabis industry could be worth over $7.1 billion each year by 2023. It may be a glacial pace until they get there, but the budding market is continuing to grow. Culturally speaking, cannabis has already been used in Africa for thousands of years. They have incorporated it in traditional herbal medicine during ancient times, while it’s only now that the rest of the world catches up. The report states […]