Rhode Island

Rhode Island Considers Legalization to Solve Budget Crisis

Many liberal, New England states have turned to recreational or medical cannabis to bring in some extra revenue, and now, in light of the budget deficit in the state, Rhode Island is talking about legalization as well.   Currently, the state is projecting a possible $114.4 million deficit in the state’s economy, and analysts are getting worried. In response to that, a Senate Finance Committee in the state is considering Democrat Gina Raimondo’s proposal to allow the sale of cannabis legally within state borders.  Under Raimondo’s plan, dispensaries in the state would be run privately, like in many other states who […]


Inside the CBD Center of Rhode Island – Rhode Island Monthly

o this day, Chris Morgan still doesn’t know if a chance bump to the head, a high fever the next day, or some combination of both caused his daughter, Jaylin, to begin experiencing seizures at two years old. But he does know, according to his podcast, JASA Talks, that when she refused to wake from what he and his wife perceived to be a night terror, it “was the worst day of [his] life.” The young parents were quick to drive Jaylin to the hospital and, after numerous tests, Jaylin’s doctors put her on traditional medicines. Two months later, however, […]