North Dakota

Where To Buy CBD in North Dakota

Table of Contents Introduction CBD in North Dakota is a hot topic these days. North Dakota has become the second most CBD-rich state in the United States. So, where does all of this CBD come from? CBD in North Dakota is made by growing marijuana, which has not been grown under a state license since 1996. Therefore, it’s strictly legal, and the North Dakota State Health Department regulates the plants. Click here to read about what is CBG? 500mg CBG Oil for $ 69.00! What the Health Department requires for its approval is that the plants be tested to see […]


Is Weed Legal in North Dakota?

Is weed legal in North Dakota? North Dakota’s conservative base opened up its doors to medical cannabis in 2016 but drew the line at legalizing recreational marijuana. North Dakota activists and lawmakers continue to work together to make weed legal in the state. Is Adult-Use Cannabis Legal in North Dakota? Currently, cannabis is illegal for recreational use. North Dakota’s prohibitive stance against marijuana was established in 1933. In 2019, Governor Dough Burgum signed a law to reduce cannabis possession penalties. Today, possession of small amounts of marijuana (except for concentrates) is punishable with a fine instead of jail time. People […]