WATCH LIVE – Vancouver City Council votes on drug decriminalization today

At 9:30 a.m. today, Mayor Kennedy Stewart will be proposing a groundbreaking motion to the Vancouver City Council and a formal vote will ensue. Announced last Wednesday, Nov. 18th, the Mayor is hoping to make Vancouver the first Canadian city to decriminalize drug possession. This is said to be a response to the opiate crisis, not a magic solution; it’s about approaching from a harm reduction standpoint, reducing stigma, and treating addiction as a health issue. In August 2016, officials in BC declared the opiate epidemic to be a public health emergency but overdose rates continue to rise.  Mayor Steward […]


A History of Eating Cannabis: A Taste Test That Led to Religion

During the Stone Age, humans began exploring their surroundings and figuring out how to survive, forming crude communities along fresh water sources and experimenting with eating the plants and animals they encountered. These humans would have had a hard time ignoring the cannabis plant, its pungent flowers dripping with resin, and ethnobotanists believe it was one of the very first plants they explored. The cavepeople tasted cannabis’s fresh green leaves, bitter flowers and nutty seeds. The thick sap coating the flowers, rich with THC, stuck to their fingers. When they licked it off, they discovered the plant’s ability to intoxicate. […]