Can masks cause DNA damage prevented by cannabis?

The use of face masks has been controversial during the pandemic considering a lack of adequate scientific study, even though they have been used in hospitals for decades without noticeable issues. However, scientific evidence does suggest masks can restrict a user’s ability to breathe. Respiratory inhibition led us to a link between masks and decreased immunity, genetic modification, and DNA damage via oxidative stress. How can cannabis affect these symptoms as a major agent of redox homeostasis? CO2, masks, and you If we ignore statements that disclose a lack of scientific evidence due to limitations, masks help more than they […]


5 Great Must-Have Apps For Musicians And Artists

Whether you’re on the SkyTrain and the perfect melody slips into your head, or get a message from The Based God asking for beats while you’re hiking (true story), the 21st-century musician is just a tap away from making their personal music goals possible virtually anywhere, thanks to the world of smartphone apps.  Like a lot of musicians I know, my songwriting comes in unexpected fits and starts. There is a musical dialogue in my head that is going on 24/7. We know the struggle of having that perfect idea finally hit different when you least expect it and being […]