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Vancouver City Council Has Voted To Decriminalize All Drugs

In an unprecedented move in Canadian history, on Wednesday the Vancouver city council voted to decriminalize the possession of small quantities of all illicit drugs. Once it is approved by the federal government, the motion will be the first of its kind in Canada, following in the recent footsteps of Oregon, the first US state to decriminalize small amounts of all drugs. The vote to decriminalize comes as a bid to ease B.C’s escalating overdose problem, made worse by the pandemic. In 2016, Vancouver declared the drug crisis a public health emergency and has lost over 6,000 people to overdoses […]


Vancouver’s Decriminalization Plan From A Legal Perspective

Vancouver has made a big step forward in the possible decriminalization of drugs. Last week, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart announced the cities intention to seek leave from the federal government to approve a plan to decriminalize simple possession of illicit drugs within city limits.  Stewart described these types of offenses as a health issue, rather than a criminal justice issue.  He also talked about the stigma associated with substance misuse and the need to change our views on this behavior as an essential step in the fight against opioid overdoses.    If the plan receives federal approval, it will be the first jurisdiction […]