The 5th International Medical Cannabis Conference, also dubbed CannX Virtual 2020, is taking place online next week, with researchers, health professionals, scientists, startups, entrepreneurs, agricultural experts, and investors meeting virtually in live sessions and interactive networking opportunities to discuss innovation, best practices, business opportunities, and the latest developments in the field of medical cannabis.

The conference will feature a program with scientific, industry, business and agriculture sessions, with lectures by leading international and Israeli speakers. Among these will be special sessions for investors and VCs as well as pharmaceutical professionals.

The year, the conference will include a special celebration in honor of Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the Israeli organic chemist credited with laying the foundation for the scientific research of cannabis, is set to give the keynote speech. Mechoulam, a pioneer in medical cannabis research since the 1960s, will be celebrating his 90th birthday.

Mechoulam has been nominated for over 25 academic awards, including the Heinrich Wieland Prize (2004) and the EMET Prize in Exact Sciences – Chemistry (2012). The conference will host an honorary session with a one-on-one interview of Prof. Mechoulam by Dr. Dedi Meiri.

The conference, which runs from October 26 -28, will include a vibrant virtual exhibition in a dedicated exhibitor space, with an “online theater” and opportunities for live interaction.

The sessions from CannX Virtual 2020 will be available on-demand for three months after the conference is over.

CannX is held in partnership with Cann10, an Israeli medical cannabis company and accelerator.


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