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Montana voters, please join me in sending a strong message that we do not wish to be Washington, Colorado or Oregon. VOTE AGAINST MONTANA I-190 AND MONTANA CONSTITUTIONAL I-118. Send a sound message to the recreational use of an illegal Federal drug in Montana. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse publication of December 2019, MARIJUANA FACTS, in the latest year of data, 4% of US 12th graders are vaping THC. And teenage use is on the rise. Do we really think an age limit will stop the use of youth Cannabis? We currently have age limits on alcohol and tobacco, and youth readily obtain both. Pick up the phone and call someone you know to see how recreational legalization of a federally illegal drug has affected their home state. I have. I have neighbors, native Coloradans, who moved here to get away from the scourge. Taxes should have been designated for health and wellness from the effects of addiction. Emergency hospital rooms, mental health and addiction counselors, marriage counselors. Smoking weed, powerful weed, is not recreational. Boating, golf, bicycling are recreational. Cannabis is destructive. We already have medical marijuana available in our state. VOTE NOT TO POT!

Dale A. Hanson,

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