Josh from DISPERGO very kindly sent out a selection of their super tasty line ups, including the Cafe Vapour And the TRU Range, along with the brand new Cyber Rabbit Neon Range.

For those of you who haven’t heard of DISPERGO, you need to head over to the online store, to check them out…….


The Dispergo Vaping story.

Dispergo Vaping was created in 2019 off the back of Jack Rabbit Vapes. With the same core values, all of their  liquids are developed in house to create authentic tasting, complex flavours to suit everyone tastes. All of their ingredients are fully TPD compliant for peace of mind.

Dispergo works in partnership with stores all over the UK and develops flavours based on each stores requirements with each brand being unique to each store. Each flavour is bespoke and nothing is ‘white labelled’ meaning you cannot get any of our exclusive flavours anywhere else.

Their story begins with two life long friends back in 2015. As two vape fanatics, Josh and Toran began mixing flavours for themselves and close friends and family. Following the humbling reactions to the e liquids they decided to share the products with the world starting with the original award winning Jack Rabbit Dessert range. 

Over the years the range has grown and become increasingly popular with the vape community. In 2019 JRV released the cool fruity range of Rachael Rabbit!

After being asked by several shops to create flavours for their stores, in 2019 Dispergo Vaping was created in effort to bring stores across the UK closer together by working with stores to create bespoke flavours and brands to suit the stores needs also allowing stores to stock each others brands and encouraging cooperation by stocking exclusive, high quality, compliant, great tasting, great looking products that customers will love.

All of our exclusive products are manufactured in our facility in Oxfordshire to the highest standards in a true British fashion.

cafe Vapour range


Premium flavours at a very reasonable price. Four dessert eliquids with rich profiles. Fantastic flavours straight from the dessert counter of your favourite cafe, now you have no reason not to be tempted!

Apple Pie & Custard | Irish Whiskey Ice Cream | Lemon Custard Cream | Rhubarb Custard Crumble

Irish Whiskey Icecream is described on the DISPERGO website.

Dreamy, Vanilla Ice cream with a deep Irish whiskey profile with an ice hit to give an authentic Irish Ice Cream experience.

  • Size: 50ml Shortfill
  • Strength: 0mg/ml
  • VG Ratio: 70vg
  • Product Code: E-CAFE-50-IWC
  • Price £9.99 OR 2 FOR £15.99

Irish ice cream Vaping Experience.

Regular readers of my blog will know that this juice is not the normal juice that I would reach for, as not a massive icecream juice fan. But I must admit that I have found it strangely addictive, and have found it to be one of those flavours that seems to develop over time.

The skilfully blended Irish Ice cream is one of the flavours that has been blended with the end goal in mind.  Not necessarily one of those blends that you instantly fall in love with, but will hit its peak about 20 to 30 ml  through the bottle. 

I would imagine that it is a lot harder to develop such a a juice,  some juices taste amazing when you first vape them, and then go down hill after about 10ml in. Whereas Irish ice cream 🍦 works the other way around. Very clever blending.

When I first tried Irish Ice cream, it nearly blow my head off, just wasn’t what I expected, which is a bit silly as it has Ice Cream in the name.  Loaded up with fresh cotton, gave it a good long squonk and soak, and then took a long slow deep lung hit, as when the vapour first hits your palette, it seemed a bit lacking in the flavour department, but as I got towards the end of the inhale, it seemed it kick in, and my eye balls began to freeze, and I seemed to get the Vaping equivalent of brain freeze. With the top of your mouth slowly freezing over. Surprisingly With none of the normal menthol or mint harshness, that you would associate with such a flavour, just an invigorating chill. After speaking to Josh, I learnt that a skillfull infusion ‘Koolade’ is behind this mind numbing sensation.

As the frosty feeling begins to melt away, you begin to get the sweetness, and creaminess of the Base flavour coming through. With a sweet ‘Bailey’s-esk ‘ infusion melting down over your freshly defrosted tongue, allowing the full flavour to come through.  From there out, it was smiles all round, and I was truly hooked on this delightful blend,  the super sweet creaminess that it delivered is like a blend between yummy 😋 condensed milk, and thick creamy icecream, super sweet and totally moorish. All topped off with a generous soaking of Bailey’s.

This sweet infusion continues throughout the exhale, delivering a deliciously  cooling wave creamy delight,  leaving in it wake, and almost sticky trail of sweet creamy goodness.

Final thoughts.

Although not initially taken by this blend, it grew on me very very quickly, and found its highly moorish notes hard to put down.

Josh & Toran have very kindly given the My Vaping Review reader and followers 15% Off, just enter code ‘Review15’ at checkout

MVR Score

Flavour : 9/10

Throat Hit : 9/10

Vapor Production : 9/10

Overall : 9/10

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