Hi guys.

Is anyone here growing leeks in a hydro setup?

I’ve come to the conclusion… this is the veggie that’s the most expensive for me to buy and which I miss the most because it’s basically never on sale around me, otherwise I’d eat a whole bunch weekly. I adore leeks.

I’d REALLY love to hear about anyone’s experiences growing this particular veg in hydro. Is a different setup than regular net cups, regular fert blends we see in here etc. beneficial?

I know they’re considered a root veg but aren’t technically one, since they don’t have a bulb, so I imagine the issues other root vegs grown in hydro wouldn’t apply?

Would appreciate anything at all about this including random pics of success (or not!)

I could find the following articles about the process (one about spring onions, but the two are very similar) but they’re mostly comparing soil-grown to hydro or using soil starts, and not being very specific on how different the hydro setups are to accomodate that particular plant.




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