About Us

About Us

News Aggregation – Get all the relevant vaping news from around the world with The Vape Report.

We aggregate news about vaping from thousands of syndicated news sources worldwide here in one place for more convenient and up-to-date information for readers and consumers.

Reader Polls and Commenting – With how the way news proliferates good, bad, or fake in today’s mass information age, we have put together a more than an average commenting system that allows readers to comment on the validity of each news article published on this site.
You can subscribe to these comment streams for each article separably to track a conversation of your interest.

Our Paradigm – There are many different ways to ween yourself off of cigarettes and tobacco. We believe, used in the right way, e-cigarettes can be an effective tool for stepping down your nicotine intake levels and thereby getting you closer to a way to quit nicotine altogether.

This can be done with other methods as well which can also be found on The Vape Report.