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Guest Post from Savannah @VapeView.co

 Wouldn’t it be nice to find all your favorite vaping gear in one place?

Maybe you shop locally and go around town to find new tinctures and juices. Maybe you do the online-shopping thing but would like to branch out and try new stores. Or, let’s be honest, maybe your go-to store is still backed-up or closed due to the Covid craziness.

Whatever your reason, if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for everything vaping, VapeView.co may be an indispensable new ally.

A Vaping Search Engine

VapeView’s homepage is reminiscent of Google: not a whole lot going on. Mostly just a simple logo and a search box.

The obvious difference comes with what you might look for… On VapeView I was able to find a variety of vaping gear — from a variety of stores — including the following:

  • E-liquids

  • Mods and other vaping devices

  • Vaping starter-kits

  • Batteries

  • And lots of other ins-and-outs

But if a picture’s worth 1,000 words, a real-live website is worth 10k. So I recommend you just give it a try.

With a straightforward and easy-to-use design, start by simply entering something — anything vape-related! — into the search bar. VapeView will provide you with a selection of matching items from third-party merchants and shops around the world.

VapeView presents you with a few filtering options as well: You can limit the products you see based on their price (e.g., show only products between $1 and $100), based on the store that sells them, or based on the country. You can also sort products by relevance, price, or store.

The search engine claims to list products from stores in five different countries. The same blog-post also says they plan to expand to more places (and says you should let them know if you want to see your country added).

It looks like Canada was only added a few weeks ago, so that may be a good sign. Hopefully more will be coming soon.

In Summary: The Good

Overall VapeView seems like a really useful tool for pretty-much anybody that (a) vapes and (b) shops online for gear. Even if you have a go-to store, why not at least see what the competition has to offer? VapeView makes it easy to shop across many vape-stores all at once.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • VapeView lets you search for vaping gear from lots of online vape-stores at once.

  • It’s free to use.

  • It lets you filter products by price, store, and country.

  • It’s international, and they list products from all over the world (mostly US, Canada, UK as of writing).

  • It appears to be growing quickly, as they seem to have over 100 stores listed already with new ones each month.

  • Stores include big, well-known brands like FastTech and DirectVapor, as well as dozens of small, “mom and pop” shops.

Some Room for Improvement

As useful a tool as VapeView may prove to be, there are a few places where I found it lacking.

First of all, when you land on the homepage you may be left scratching your head… With an extremely barebones website (good and bad!), and very little explanation, there’s little direction if you aren’t already familiar with the tool. And a newbie to vaping wouldn’t have a clue.

Next, in a similar vein, the website also feels a bit impersonal. It would be great to see a nice ‘About’ page with some history, how the site came to be, etc. Friendly faces from a company’s team are always a nice touch. 

A Welcome Addition

In any case, I recommend checking it out. If you’re a vaper, and you shop online for vaping gear and liquid, you’ll probably want to bookmark VapeView and keep it on your radar. I plan to leverage it for future vaping-related purchases, and I look forward to seeing how it develops as time goes on.

Guest Post written by VapeView.co

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