Smoking marijuana has been the tried-and-true method for getting high ever since the discovery of cannabis. However, in recent years, vapes—a hot, relative newcomer into the marijuana scene—have saturated the market. Many people find vaping more convenient and offering a superior user experience over smoking, as most people find it easier on the throat and lungs.

But what is vaping? Is it safe? If you’re unsure whether vapes are right for you, this guide will give you insight and help separate fact from fiction.

What is Vaping?

Vaping refers to heating cannabis to high temperatures without burning it. The heat applied turns the active components into a vapor released into the air as a fine mist. With vaping, combustion doesn’t happen; thus, it doesn’t create smoke. In turn, vaping marijuana doesn’t require you to inhale smoke toxins the way smoking does. 

According to recent surveys, people who vape cannabis found it healthier, safer, and less harmful to their health than smoking wraps. Additionally, a few studies have shown that vaporizing produces fewer carcinogenic compounds than smoking as it is not combusted but heated. Moreover, studies that compared smoking to vaporizing based on self-reporting of respiratory symptoms showed fewer respiratory effects with vaping cannabis than with smoking.

Different Kinds of Vapes

Vaporizers of all sizes and shapes are now available in the market for enthusiasts looking for healthier options to consume cannabis. Some vaporizer designs work with flowers (flower vaporizers) while others with oils (oil vaporizers). Together, these devices are known as single-use vaporizers and are great for people who have just started vaping.

An increasing number of vaporizers known as multi-use vaporizers can now work with both flowers and concentrates. They can be either tabletop or portable and can typically accommodate multiple forms of your preferred material—oils, dry herb, or wax. 

Your ideal vaping device will depend on your preferences. Multi-use devices allow for the best customization experience and save money in the long run if you like to use wax, oil, or flower. 

Contrarily, single-use vaporizers are highly portable but don’t last as long. Single-use vaporizers for waxes made out of cannabis are also available in the market, but those are less common and not optimal for beginners.

Which Type is Right for Me?

Before you order marijuana vapes online in CA, where it’s recreationally legal, the first thing you should consider is the differences between vaping flowers and vaping oil.

In general, vaping loose-leaf bud produces a stronger taste and smell than vaping a concentrated oil. 

For bud, potency typically ranges between 10 and 25 percent THC, whereas concentrates have a higher potency. Concentrate THC potency usually falls between 50 and 80 percent, though some extracts even surpass 90 percent THC.

For people using cannabis for medical purposes, vaping oil is generally more convenient. It heats faster, allowing you to take a quick hit when you feel physical pain from an injury or inflammation. 

A Step-by-Step User Guide

The right way to use a vaporizer depends on the type of vaporizer you use. Below are all the basics of how a vaporizer works. However, consult the instructions for any product you purchase, as individual devices can vary in their functionality.

Vaping Bud:

  • Step One– Whether you’re using a portable or tabletop vaporizer, grab the dry herb, vaporizer, and grinder.
  • Step Two– Once you plug in the vaporizer or fully charge it, place the dry ground herb into the oven or herb chamber using a weed scooper or a small card.
  • Step Three– Pack the herb to ensure the surface is relatively flat, but you shouldn’t pack it too tight. Turn on the device and choose your preferred temperature.
  • Step Four– Once the vaporizer reaches the right temperature, which typically takes around one minute, go ahead and take your first puff. 

Vaping Oil:

  • Step One– Remove the rubber seal attached to the cartridge’s bottom and connect the cartridge to the vape pen’s battery.
  • Step Two– Start drawing puffs as soon as you attach the cartridge.
  • Step Three– If you’re using THC-containing oil, pause for a few minutes before drawing puffs.
  • Step Four– If your vape pen has silica wicking, you will have to adjust the voltage to a lower setting to prevent drawing dry burn hits.

Vaporizers, An Innovative Solution

Vaping is an innovative solution for people looking for a smoke-free option to consume cannabis. If you’re new to vaping, make sure you understand how to use the device properly before giving it a go. Vaping comes with many benefits, but you can only tap into them when you know how to use the device right.

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