8 years prison ordered for man in vape cartridge robbery and Wausau shooting – WSAW

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -A 21-year-old convicted of shooting a 16-year-old while attempting to rob him will spend the next 8 years in prison.

In December, Kaiden Bemowski pleaded no contest to his most serious charges including first-degree recklessly endangering safety and armed robbery. Bemowski will also spend 5 years on extended supervision following his release from prison.

Investigators said on Sept. 11, 2019 a woman drove her 16-year-old son to sell vaping cartridges that contained marijuana. The incident escalated into a shooting with her son suffering a grazing gunshot injury.

Police say Bemowski and a 14-year-old girl intended to rob the teen. The girl grabbed the product and ran. The 16-year-old got out of his mom’s car and chased after her. Bemowski told police he fired several rounds from a handgun– trying to scare him, but one round struck the 16-year-old. Police said the woman then tried to run over Bemowski before taking her son to the hospital.

The teen’s mother, Julie Appleyard, was sentenced for her role to one year in prison.

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