When you smoke weed, you may want to ensure that the hit is smooth and the taste is good. Achieving that experience actually depends on the type of pipe or bong you’re smoking in, the cleanliness of your bong, and if you’re using a triple-layered carbon filter. 

A triple-layered carbon filter isn’t just an essential smoking accessory that provides you with a good smoking experience, but it’s also necessary to prevent your lungs from any adverse damages caused by smoking weed. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the top five reasons to use a triple carbon filter, especially those that are produced by Mooselabs. 

Improves Taste 

According to Mooselabs, a carbon filter helps enhance the taste of the smoke, making it an essential tool to have the best smoking experience. This is especially true if you’re using a triple carbon filter. 

While some smokers believe that using a carbon filter may hinder the taste of certain cannabis strains, this may not be the case. On the other hand, carbon helps reduce pathogens in certain marijuana strains, it doesn’t hinder the taste.

Also, a triple carbon filter reduces the harmful substances in the pot. Thus, giving you a rich and safe smoking experience. 

Reduces Dry Mouth 

If you’re smoking marijuana constantly for a while, it may cause dry mouth and also lead to loss of taste. This happens because smoking pot leads to an increase in the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, the more pot you smoke, the more chances of you having a dry mouth. Dryness of the mouth is caused mainly because of the chlorophyll in the weed. 

However, using triple carbon filters may help reduce the intensity of a dry mouth since it tends to filter out harmful substances. 

Reduces Bad Breath 

The strong smell of marijuana smoke is a result of the plant’s chemical compounds, such as chlorophyll. The strong smell is a result of the chlorophyll absorbing different airborne chemicals. 

When you use triple carbon filters, they not only protect you from harmful substances that can cause health issues, but it’ll also reduce the risk of bad breath. 

Reduces The Toxins From Entering Your System 

When you smoke weed, the harmful chemical substances in it can easily enter your body.  Toxins such as benzine, ammonia, and acetaldehyde are commonly found in weed and when they enter your system, they may sometimes turn into carcinogens, thus adversely harming your health and causing serious health issues. These toxins may also cause certain side effects, like headaches, tremors, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

When you smoke constantly, you may increase the intake of carbon monoxide. Long-term exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to several health problems, like lung cancer and other respiratory disorders. 

However, you may filter out these toxins by using Mooselabs’ triple carbon filter for your bong. Using triple carbon filters will also ensure that the beneficial effects of marijuana are enhanced and you get the maximum benefits from your smoking experience. 

Keep Your Lungs Healthy 

Though there may be several health benefits of smoking weed, one of its biggest drawbacks is that it can have an adverse effect on your lungs. However, using Mooselabs’ filter can prevent the toxins from entering the lungs while still giving you a rich smoking experience. 

Activated triple carbon filters are not only ideal for removing resins, tar, and other contaminants from the smoke, but it also increases the terpene’s flavor. Even if the filters allow the THC molecules to go through, it doesn’t allow the resin and other contaminants to pass. Hence, using triple carbon filters for your bong is a sure way to enhance your smoking experience. 

Health Risks Of Smoking Unfiltered Marijuana 

While marijuana is being used for its several health benefits, it may also have some adverse effects on your health, especially your lungs. Below, we look at some of the health risks involved when smoking unfiltered marijuana, the risk of which can be reduced by using triple carbon filters. 

Lung Conditions

Cannabis contains almost the same chemicals that are found in tobacco, such as hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, and formaldehyde. These chemicals are carcinogens, hence they may cause cancer. 

Since most smokers tend to inhale the smoke deeply, the chemical may go directly to the lung, causing harm. However, when you’re using triple carbon filters, you may prevent the inhalation of these chemicals, protecting your lungs. 

Increased Risk Of Cancer 

Marijuana and tobacco smoke have several carcinogens, toxic gases, reactive oxygen species, and aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons. These are twenty times higher in unfiltered marijuana smoke than in regular cigarettes. Thus, these toxins may have an adverse effect on your health and may also increase the risk of lung cancer, which can be caused due to smoking. 

Several studies have also shown a link between long-term use of marijuana and several types of cancers, like lung, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, oral, laryngeal, pharyngeal, and esophageal cancer. 

However, as ways of smoking marijuana improve and the invention of preventive measures emerge, like the triple carbon filters from Mooselab, you may reduce the risk of cancer while still enjoying the benefits of marijuana.


Marijuana has been widely popular around the world for its healing properties. One of the most popular ways of marijuana intake is by smoking it in a pipe or bong. Even if smoking marijuana through a bong or pipe may be effective, it can cause several health issues

However, this doesn’t mean that you stop smoking weed. Instead, consider using carbon filters to prevent the chemicals and other contaminants from entering your lungs while you enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest. 

Using a triple carbon filter doesn’t only help you reduce the risk of health conditions associated with smoking, but it also helps you reduce conditions like dry mouth and bad breath caused by smoking marijuana. 

Therefore, if you’re a regular smoker, consider using carbon filters to ensure that you get a rich smoking experience without the harmful side effects of smoking marijuana.





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