We’re all counting down to the end of this year, and hoping 2021 will be a little better. While there are no guarantees, we can think of more than a few reasons why we’re happy to say goodbye to the first year of the new decade and ring in the new. 

Things We’re Happy to Leave Behind 

20: A Republican president. We’re not here to get all political and go down a Trump rabbit hole, but more liberal leadership means more legalization and cannabis acceptance, hopefully at a federal level.

19: COVID. OK, so it’s not like the clock will strike midnight, and COVID will be gone, but we’re feeling good about that vaccine! 

18: Social-Distance dating. What’s more awkward than your first date being a Zoom date? A socially distanced walk in the park to get to know each other. 10/10 would not recommend. 

17: Mask Acne: We know; we know; masks are important and save lives, and we may have to wear them for part/most/all of 2021. But a day without having to do extra skincare on the bottom halves of our faces will be a great day. 

16: Socially accepted police brutality. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s the type of reform we need in law enforcement. Here’s to hoping! 

16: The 2020 puns. It’s either hindsight is 20/20, 20/20 vision, or something else corny. Not gonna miss it.

15: Zoom fatigue. And we thought sitting at home all day on the couch and away from people would be chill. Turns out, virtual meetings can be even more stressful. 

14: “Fake news.” We’re journalists, so naturally, we think journalists deserve a little bit of respect. We want America to be a safe space for the craft once more. 

13: The elbow bump: It’s not cute, and you’re not going to make it a thing. Just wave until we can shake hands again. 

12: Prohibition: We hope! Full legalization in 2021 would be great. 

11: Mile-long lines at the dispensary. We appreciate those who are hustling to serve us, and the safety precautions put into place. But, we will not miss the lines. 

10: “Essential worker” fatigue. We love that the cannabis industry is being considered essential, but those who work in the industry are working overtime and putting their safety on the line. 

9: Scary statistics. Of course, death, domestic violence, and depression will still be issues in 2021, but we’re ready for some reprieve from how bad things have been. 

8: Watching everything on Netflix. We love a good binge watch, but enough is enough. 

7: COVID holidays. Maybe next year, we can actually travel, get together, and do all the things that make downtime good. 

6: Remote working. If you haven’t put on pants in a week, we’re talking to you. 

5: COVID fashion. And by that, we mean lack of fashion. Again, pants. 

4: Smoking shake and dabbing reclaim when the dispensary is closed. We know reduced hours are important, but sometimes, they come at the wrong time. 

3: Bread baking. The flour, the mess, the wasted hours while the bread won’t rise. No one ever said we were homemakers. 

2: Stimulus checks. Between waiting, not getting them, and the back-and-forth over the second stimulus, we’re over it.

1: Quarantine. ‘Nuff said. 

Things We’re Looking Forward To 

21: Seeing other humans. Sure, humans are overrated, but we actually miss them.

20: Not hearing about 2020. We’re excited that people can no longer blame their problems on 2020. 

19: CONCERTS. Seriously, whether you want to headbang at a death metal show or groove out to a jam band, we can all agree that the first opening note of a show is going to be the sweetest sound. 

18: Not suiting up like it’s Armageddon to go to the grocery store. We never thought going to the grocery store without a mask, gloves, and a hazmat suit would be exciting, but here we are. 

17: Conferences: We can smell the overpriced food now, and don’t even get us started on the free hand-outs. 

16: Legal cannabis. We are seriously hoping. 

15: More liberal leadership.While we aren’t saying Joe Biden will solve the world’s problems and legalize cannabis on his first day in office, we’re excited for the possibilities. 

14: More cannabis delivery. That’s one good thing to come from lockdown! 

13: More readers. With more people staying home and having downtime, there has been more time to read, and we hope it sticks. 

12: A year that doesn’t have a cutesy, rhyming name. 

11: Theatre. We admit it; we’re fans.

10: Shorter dispensary lines … and being able to vibe out in the dispensary and smell all the strains again.

9: In-person meetings. Never thought we’d say that!

8: More social equity. Again, we’re hoping.

7: Hugging friends and neighbors, not just those in our bubble. 

6: Cannabis legality, and medical access, in many more states! 

5: A new cannabis climate. What was once taboo and scary is now considered essential. 

4: Being able to walk the dog, walk to the car, etc. without a mask on. 

3: Sitting down in a restaurant for hours and ordering food and drinks; what a luxury! 

2: A newfound appreciation of the little things. 

1: A second chance. 2020 was a rough year, but we’re still here.


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